What are relationship and intimacy expert's relationships really like?


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What are relationship and intimacy expert’s relationships really like?

What challenges do they face? How do they make their relationship work?

They might not be what you think!

Real-life couple and intimacy coaches, Jodie Milton and Reece Stockhausen, started Practical Intimacy with the mission to transform how people do relationships. Through their one-on-one coaching practice, couple’s mentoring programs, online courses and blog, they help men and women all over the world to create deeply fulfilling intimacy, thriving long-term connection and a super hot sex life.

Their fresh and relatable approach has seen them work with clients across Australia and abroad, and their articles featured on sites such as The Huffington Post, Mind Body Green, Living Now and Raw Attraction.

Jodie and Reece join me on Wholehearted today to share:

  • The challenges they face in their own relationship
  • How they deal with (and overcome) disagreements
  • The tools and strategies that make their relationship work
  • How they take care of themselves while still having enough energy to give to their relationship
  • Their fun unique take on initiating intimacy with each other!

If you’d like to find out more about Jodie and Reece and what they offer, you can reach out on their website, facebook or Insta.

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