WIP 490: A Proven Formula for Generating an Extra Six Figures in 2020!


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Do you want to add an extra six figure to your income this 2020? No less than Mr. TTP himself will show you how!

In this episode, Brent shared a foolproof way to generate a massive amount of revenue this 2020: building up your referral network with real estate agents! While unfortunate to note, many wholesalers are intimidated to get in touch with real estate agents in their market. That should not be the case!

If truth be told, many real estate agents would love to put together deals with you. You just have to know how to find them and how to approach them the right way. Fortunately, you’ll learn all you need to know about working with real estate agents in today’s episode!

So if you’re ready to work with the best real estate agents in your market and add an infinite amount to your revenue this year, consider listening to this episode a must!


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