WIP 397: 500 Deals in 40 States!


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If you’ve been using Batch Skip Tracing, today’s guest is the guy you need to thank. Jesse Burrell is a successful entrepreneur, developer, and realtor. He is also the creator of Batch Skip Tracing and BatchLeads, two programs that seamlessly integrate skip tracing and lead generation in one platform.

Prior to becoming an investor, Jesse considered a career teaching people how to play golf. When he discovered wholesaling however, it didn’t take long for him to figure out it he preferred real estate over swinging a golf club.

Tune in as Jesse shared how he found success in wholesaling, how he balances his time between his two companies, and how he picks the markets he goes into. Regardless if you’re looking for your first deal or your nth one, you’d surely find this episode beneficial so don’t miss it!


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