Episode 204: Dr. Melanie McNally - Move Your Business Online To Create Map Freedom


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Dr. Melanie McNally is a psychologist and author; specializing in helping teens and young adults build self confidence, manage anxiety, and achieve their goals. She helps them become the super heroes of their life story.

In this episode, Melanie shares the Why Not Now? moment when she decided to move her successful therapy practice from the physical world to the virtual world. She found that providing online support and teletherapy helped patients feel more comfortable opening up as they found it easier to let their thoughts flow through the keyboard.

This led to Melanie being able to restructure her work week giving her more control in designing her own day and the ability to work from anywhere.

Melanie is also a graduate of the Renegade Brand Bootcamp, and shares how going through the program helped her find success with marketing, digital marketing and social media, which she had zero prior experience, as well as how it helped her define her Brand Essence.

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