Episode 211: Dr. Meredith Provost - From Having Zero Following to Going Viral on TikTok


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Dr. Meredith Provost is a minivan-driving mom and fertility doctor who started sharing her voice online this year. She had no social media footprint when she became a Renegade student.

Fast-forward and she goes viral on TikTok. Meredith shares step-by-step how this happened and how she started owning her voice. Her message resonated because she showed up consistently and shared a message that’s important to her.

When you are unapologetically true to yourself, your tribe will find you. Going viral on TikTok is not the point here. That’s just a side-effect. Meredith talks about her goal, how she measures success and how she’s still figuring out exactly what “conversion” looks like for her. With action comes clarity.

It’s not every day you see physicians humanizing themselves on social media. This conversation with Meredith is wide-ranging. We talk about how she got her start and how staying true to herself has led her to a career that could have looked much differently.

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