How to Live Beyond Meat (and According to the Facts) with Ethan Brown


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Do you ever think about a world beyond meat? Ethan Brown does. He is the founder and CEO of Beyond Meat, a plant-based meat company in which I’m a proud investor. Brown’s team is pushing their mission of creating The Future of Protein® by way of delicious plant-based meat that’s made without GMOs, soy, gluten or artificially produced ingredients. Ethan’s frequent trips to his father’s dairy farm taught him a lot about our relationship with meat and animals - a focus and passion that led to him studying how we can create a more sustainable future with less reliance on animals and more scientific study. He found animal protein is made up of four simple ingredients that can be easily replicated using plants and used this formula to create a range of products like Beyond Burgers, Beyond Beef and Beyond Sausage. Brown took the company public in 2019 with a billion-dollar valuation, one of the largest IPOs in recent history. Beyond Meat is available in retail stores and some of your favorite fast food places like Dunkin’, Del Taco and Carl’s Jr. Brown is a visionary who’s deeply focused on innovation. He came on Wide Open to discuss his upbringing, how he got into studying animal proteins under a microscope, and the various ways he’s devoted his life to thinking differently about how humans eat, live, and learn. Follow me on social: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn: & Watch Wide Open on YouTube:

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