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I'm Karsyn DuPree (a.k.a. Wildernessa): musician, lifestyle blogger, plant-lover, Nashville-dweller, intuitive enthusiast, feminist --- you get it. The idea behind the Wilder Podcast is to create a space for Women, Wellness, and Weirdos. From body image, food, and exercise, to spirituality, feminism, business, and maybe even global issues, Wilder is a place to listen to other women's stories, struggles, and accomplishments to share with other women that their not alone. Maybe this blogger, this musician, this author, this designer, whoever it is that I'm speaking with, has a journey that parallels with someone listening. Maybe they've worked hard to achieve their goals, and maybe they never thought they could. With the Wilder Podcast, we'll explore so many different perspectives, always coming full circle to suck out all the inspiration we can find from our female superhero guests!

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