248: Proactive amidst this crisis


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Anxiety is running high right now. We feel helpless, and perhaps even powerless, in the face of this "virus." Dr. Zach Bush, physician, international educator, and thought leader on the microbiome, suggests two ideas to empower us in our desire to protect our health: 1) there are positive steps we can take to improve our own health and the health of the planet and 2) we should not blame the "virus" for the deterioration of both.

Zach explains in detail how toxins in our environment have led us to where we are today: as sick as our surroundings. He suggests that pollutants in the air and on the land are compromising our health and jeopardizing our future. The virus is just an "innocent bystander," in his estimation, being blamed for a larger problem. His prescription for each of us? Get outside. Reconnect with nature. And with one another.

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