Ep. 19: The Sexual Freedom You Deserve with Carli Jo


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We are told a lot of stories about our own sexuality. And no matter what you’ve been told or how that is manifesting in your sex today, it is possible for you to live a fulfilled and orgasmic life! Today I talk with sensuality coach and one of my best friends, Carli Jo. She is the founder of Queen of Pleasure, a 12 week coaching program to help empower women and couples to tap into their true, erotic beings. We get into her journey to pleasure and how it plays into her marriage, her evolving relationship with combining sex and cannabis, and how you can shed the past and give birth to your erotic being today.

We dive deep into:

  • Her mission of sexual freedom and the idea that it is achievable for EVERYONE.
  • Rejecting the superiority complex and giving ourselves the permission to learn.
  • Sexual shame as a child and how that physically manifested in her life.
  • The conditioning around sensitivity and how you can reframe what it means to be a sensitive person.
  • A surprising statistic about orgasms that gets it SO WRONG.
  • The experience of vaginal pain during sex and how this can be linked to unresolved trauma (and the one thing you need to do to break the cycle!)
  • How cannabis showed Carli Jo what was possible in her sex life.
  • What a Jade Egg is (and where it goes)
  • Orgasmic energy and that climax is not the only path to get there.
  • How she found a solution to a complicated and unfulfilling sex life with her husband.
  • And more!

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