Ep. 20: Confronting Ourselves and Our Sex with Molly


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Learning how to identify our feelings and unhealthy patterns can be very confronting and push many edges, but it can lead to more connection and a deeper truth (and that is so worth it!) On today’s episode, I invite my friend Molly Godfrey to come talk about her profound journey to sobriety, her sexual awakening, and finding herself through deep healing. We dive into the importance of doing the vulnerable thing and how to release our limiting beliefs around what it means to be satisfied and free.

We get deep into:

  • The feeling of emptiness that led to Molly’s journey of self-discovery.
  • Expressing desires and what that can mean for your sex.
  • The conditioning around what to do if we are unhappy or unsatisfied.
  • How Molly’s internalized shame and guilt manifested in her life and how she began to heal it.
  • The many ways addiction can show up and the importance of identifying it.
  • Her intimate journey to finding nourishing and powerful sex.
  • And more!

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