Ep. 21: Permission to Feel Our Pleasure with Demetra Nyx


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Finding the permission to express, explore, and expand our pleasure and the sensation in our bodies is such a powerful discovery. My guest today, Demetra Nyx, is a beautifully connected writer and coach who shows women how to be shameless and fully expressed so they can realize the full range of what’s possible in their lives. Join us as we dive into exploring our own liberation and learning to fully receive the pleasure that we all deserve.

We get deep into:

  • Demetra’s current partner and how feeling fully seen by him has changed her sex.
  • Using your intuition to make scary choices in your life.
  • The first moment she remembers feeling truly in control of her own pleasure.
  • Talk therapy and somatic coaching and what might be missing from your therapy.
  • How to hold yourself through big emotions and how important the body is in this process.
  • Demetra’s journey of writing and her expression without limitations.
  • Why her account got taken down by Instagram.
  • The idea that everything is happening FOR you and not TO you.
  • Her class: Queen of Blow Jobs, and her favorite tip to give a great blow job (hint: it’s not about technique!)
  • The power of being in the feminine energy and what releasing control can do for your sex.
  • And more!

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