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Sheila, Rae Andreachio, Josh Andreacchio, and private investigator Lori Morrison sit down to discuss the corruption they see in the Meridian Police Department's handling of Christian's case.

Rae reveals new information about DNA evidence from the scene — revealed only through leaked audio. Josh talks about the bullet found in the bathtub and why he believes it was intentionally placed there by someone.

Even more revealing: Listeners are reaching out with their own stories about how MPD's poor investigation procedures have left them baffled and frustrated over the suspicious death of their own loved one.

Rae and Josh go into detail about the MPD's lack of time and attention to this case compared to others, and everyone gives their thoughts on why some cases seem to get a thorough investigation while others don't.

The group talks about a medical examiner's ability to determine whether an individual is depressed just by looking at autopsy photos and whether it's an ME's job to even address such an issue. As an experienced investigator, Sheila has seen time and time again how the narrative provided by the police has colored a medical examiner's report.

In Christian's case, Dylan called it a suicide, the 9-1-1 operator transferred that narrative to the police, and they accepted it instead of considering him a suspect until he could be definitively cleared.

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