#046 Building a Powerful Brand from $40 to $12 Million with Steven Sashen Co-Founder of Xero Shoes


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Are you one with a business idea but could not start due to lack of capital? Could you still begin an Amazon business or any business at limited capital? The answer is YES, for Steven Shashen who started Xero Shoes at a very humble capital of $40. Find out how in this episode where he tackles the hard times in starting small and how his product evolved and grew.

While coming up with his very own product idea to start has already been challenging and the road to selling them has not been easy, Steven has had challenges too in putting up his product on Amazon for years and that didn’t stop him but rather develop the product he has pride of creating. Steven has some marketing strategies to share with you in and out Amazon.

Knowing and learning your buyer is one thing and a lot more for businesses. They can help you develop and evolve, and be inspired by them and that has been the case for Xero shoes for building a real brand based on demand.

In this 50 mins episode, Steven’s never short of nuggets of wisdom and you wouldn’t want to miss them.

In This Episode:

[00:35] Welcoming Steven Shashen to the show

[01:55] Could you still begin an Amazon business in limited capital?

[02:20] Steven talks about how he started Xero Shoes at a capital of $40 9 years ago.

[03:50] For a number of years, Xero shoes couldn’t get on Amazon.

[04:40] Starting small with MTO

[05:40] Joining communities and finding out what they need.

[06:50] Building a real brand can earn more.

[08:35] Barefoot running- the keyword that started it

[09:30] Why chose to make shoes rather than import?

[11:00] How the brand evolved based on feedback & demand.

[13:20] Start as small

[15:30] Steven talks about getting involved in communities.

[17:00] Scaling the product and getting help in handling finance.

[21:30] Getting negative feedbacks and starting anew in Amazon

[23:50] Impact of Amazon in the business

[27:20] Combating competition

[30:30] Prefer to go for ROI

[32:00] Leveraging social media accounts and more.

[34:00] Driving ads in tools that works for your business

[37:25] What is the anti-guru blog about?

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Stumbling on Happiness by: Daniel Gilbert


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