118: Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time – SOPHIE CHICHE of becurrent and Shape House


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Sophie Chiche is the founder of urban sweat lodge Shape House and becurrent, a guided approach to the way you organize your tasks and projects, so you can soar and create the extraordinary life you want.

After connecting with Sophie on Woke & Wired, I got to experience the becurrent system and oh my… the level of energy that’s been freed up through implementing this system has been ENORMOUS. My life (and project management) hasn’t been the same.

I knew I had to share this work with my community!

That’s why I’m partnering with becurrent to bring you an interactive workshop where you’ll experience the magic of this method for yourself and learn how to manage your energy in the context of your digital presence.

WHAT: becurrent x Conscious Social Media Method Workshop

WHEN: The LIVE workshop will take place September 21, 2020. A replay will be available for all ticket holders.


Every person who purchases a ticket to this workshop enters a giveaway to win a VIP package to work one-on-one with becurrent founders Sophie and Kate (worth $3,500). For more chances to win, buy multiple tickets and gift them to people you love!

5% of all live workshop profits will go to Stop The Traffik, an organization that prevents human trafficking through education and intelligence-led innovative approach.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The consciousness upgrade that happens when we sweat
  • How Shape House works
  • Why energy management is more effective than time management
  • How she got to 350 lbs
  • Hiding aliveness and vibrant energy behind your weight
  • How giving herself the permission helped her lose 200 lbs
  • Using visualization to make business and life decisions
  • Out of body experiences
  • Finding who you are as an access to being productive
  • How to create businesses from higher consciousness
  • Finding your voice in business
  • Top lessons Sophie has learned
  • How to implement fluid systems
  • Practices to connect to Self
  • Developing self-love

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