119: Don’t Dim Your Light – ANNA BROWN


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Anna Brown is a repeat guest on Woke & Wired – the first episode is one of the most downloaded and loved ones.

Listen to #84 New Earth Consciousness & The Energetics of Social Media Growth.

This episode was recorded in March 2020, and Anna's work has shifted since – you can see her most recent blog posts on non-duality on wonderfullynothing.com.

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In this episode, we discuss:
  • Surrender to your unique code
  • Go deeper with yourself and get still
  • What to do about a tendency to dim your light to match the frequency of the collective
  • Energy hygiene on social media
  • The energetics of changing your social media handles
  • How to transfer inspiration into action
  • A simple meditation to tune into your heart’s truth
  • Anna’s experience growing up with an eating disorder: affirmations that helped her
  • What is New Earth presence?
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