126: Running An Intuitive Business – MICHELLE PELLIZZON of Holisticism and KSENIA AVDULOVA [special episode]


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In this episode, founder of Holisticism (@holsticism) Michelle Pellizzon (@betterbymichelle) and I (@whereisksenia) sit down to give you a glimpse into behind the scenes of our businesses as we experiment and navigate the waters of entrepreneurship and spirituality. We also announce our new collaborative workshop, PORTALS: Saturday School on November 14, 2020.

Ready to consistently create inspired content, get unstuck from 2020 overwhelm and prep for a powerfully intuitive and aligned 2021? Join us for this half-day not-your-regular-business school here. When you buy a ticket, you get a FREE ticket to bring a friend. Because… abundance and collaboration!

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We discuss:
  • Some of our biggest wins and fails of 2020
  • The one business strategy that led to a $120k launch and 4x revenue in a year
  • How our collaborative workshop, PORTALS: Saturday School came together
  • How to scale your desire to help people
  • From dance student to running a multiple six-figure intuitive business
  • How she implemented sliding scale pricing in her business
  • Our go-to beverages and workouts
  • Experimenting with using texts for her business
  • Why you don’t need fancy equipment to run a successful business
  • Hearing voices as a child
  • Acting on intuitive hits
  • Creating a self-honoring practice as part of your business strategy
  • What are The Akashic Records?
  • Collaboration over competition
  • How the Akashic Records helped Michelle with self-limiting beliefs
  • Feeling like an outcast in the world of spiritual entrepreneurs
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