101: Frequency Healing & Cacao Ceremony with ERIN EBER | Introducing The Cacao Portal


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Frequency healer Erin Eber (@erineber) and I are coming together to bring you The Cacao Portal: A 5-Week Expansion Experience – a combination of rituals, working with the plant spirit of cacao, and the alchemy of working with a group. To celebrate the launch, we sat down to share our vision for this experience, and what brought us here.

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We discuss:
  • How Erin and I connected over our love for ceremonial cacao
  • What is ceremonial cacao?
  • How music led Erin on a mystical healing path
  • How she discovered her gift for toning, or Frequency Healing
  • Our experiences with plant spirit consciousness
  • How Erin discovered cacao in Peru and ended up studying it deeply in Guatemala
  • What is a ceremony?
  • How is ceremonial cacao different from hot chocolate?
  • Why we created the Cacao Portal Experience
  • Who is the Cacao Portal for?
  • The role that human design played in this collaboration between Erin and I
  • What is the 5D realm?
  • What is Unity Consciousness?
  • Working with plant consciousness
  • How Erin left corporate America and never looked back
  • Her top lesson from 8 years as a digital nomad
  • Divine timing
  • Transformation over information
  • What role SEO played in Erin finding me
  • Erin’s experience taking the Conscious Social Media Program
Connect with Erin:

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