104: Stay True To The Essence You Want To Share with The World – Visionary Artist CARO AREVALO


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Caro Arevalo is a Peruvian visionary artist based in Brooklyn, NY.

From her Amazonian heritage she embraced the importance of rituals and ancestral wisdom. This is reflected on her intricate artwork that talks about how by observing nature we can notice that there is no real separateness in between beings; this leads her to identify the whole universe connected as a one.

I met Caro in a cacao ceremony (cacao ritual has brought so much magic into my life!), and it was one of those moments when I knew I was meant to connect with Caro further – before I even saw her beautiful art.

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We discuss:

  • Art as a love letter to planet Earth
  • Spirituality and plant world
  • The role cacao ritual has played in her life
  • What does @cafeinacoli mean?
  • Carolina’s fashion blog story
  • The relationship between art and inner world
  • Why she changed her major from finance to art in college
  • Carolina’s first temezcal ceremony
  • Carolina’s first experience with plant medicine
  • How plant medicine led her to become an artist
  • How Carl Jung influenced Carolina’s work
  • Drawing “downloads”
  • How living in a dark apartment served as an invitation to dive into the inner realm
  • How bartending supported Carolina in the physical realm while she was doing deep spiritual work
  • Healing your female lineage
  • Growing up introverted and shy
  • Cultivating self-love
  • How to work with herbs and plant medicines
  • Mandala art
  • Her decision to quit all side jobs and give all of her energy to art
  • How to be in flow with the universe
  • Selling art online
  • How she created a viral YouTube video using only her phone
  • Her approach to brand partnerships and sponsored posts on YouTube
  • The power of saying no to opportunities that aren’t aligned
  • What is “greenwashing”
  • How she manifested being a guest on Woke & Wired
  • How to not care about what others say about your work online and stay committed to your art
  • Boundaries with social media


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