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Melissa Hall (@melissahallny) is brand strategist, speaker and educator. I met Melissa through our mutual love for ceremonial cacao and in this very timely conversation we talk about Melissa’s work and her experience being a black entrepreneur working in fashion, lifestyle, and wellness.

We also explore the questions of privilege, non-performative allyship and creating long-term change.

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We cover:

  • The future of branding
  • Why wellness has to be the foundation of every future business
  • How to elevate your brand in today’s digital world
  • How the future of fashion includes mindfulness, sustainability and diversity
  • Melissa’s journey from fashion into wellness
  • Navigating wellness and fashion as a black woman
  • Why she feels more liberated than ever to promote her services
  • The energetics of investing into your business
  • How do we make fashion and wellness more inclusive?
  • Non-performative allyship


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