109: Finding Coherence Between Work, Healing, Spirituality & Social Media – LUIZA FLORENCE BLACK


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Luiza Florence Black (@luizaflorence) is an award-winning Brazilian host and journalist who has collaborated with many channels and publications like NBC, HBO, New York Times and Los Angeles times.

She is also a mother, herbalist and moon ceremonialist. Luiza participated in the most recent Conscious Social Media Program to launch a project dedicated to healing Hashimoto’s disease with science, nutrition and spirituality. In this episode, Luiza shares her grounding and healing energy with us.

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We discuss:
  • Luiza’s experience taking the Conscious Social Media Program
  • A conscious way to approach social media strategy
  • Finding coherence between your job and spiritual practices
  • What is permaculture and biodynamic farming
  • Practices to feel grounded
  • Being influenced by her spiritual medium grandmother
  • Overcoming fear of spirituality
  • Her struggle to find out the truth about her health
  • Being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease
  • Autoimmune disease as a pathway to spirituality
  • How yoga, chanting and visualization led to miraculous healing
  • What happens in a moon ceremony?
  • Losing home in Malibu fires
  • How Luiza lost her Instagram account with 200K followers and what she did next
  • Creating new possibilities using social media
  • What brought Luiza from Brazil to USA
  • What role acai played in her meeting her husband
  • The power of voting with your dollar
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