110: Intentional Frequency Exchange Online & How To Do Your Shadow Work On Instagram – AARON ROSE


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Being in Aaron Rose’s (@aaronxrose) presence is a frequency upgrade in itself – beyond words. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Aaron as my coach (after being guided to do so in a mediation), and it was incredible – I share a glimpse into one of my biggest learnings in this episode. Experience Aaron’s magic for yourself in this conversation!

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We discuss:
    • Intentional frequency exchange online and how to set energetic boundaries in your DMs
    • Making every moment of life a prayer
    • Thriving as a human being on earth
    • The pivotal point in his business path
    • Maximum darkness to maximum light
    • Growing up with a lot of violence and finding the courage to be in shadow and change the story
    • Why he’s been an activist since a young age
    • Taking responsibility for your inner world
    • Offering your experience up to the Divine
    • Willingness as a pathway to transmission
    • How to set a powerful intention for impact on social media
    • Making everything a blessing
    • How to protect your energy online and social media sovereignty
    • The revenue streams of Aaron’s business
    • Money as a teacher in self-worth
    • Affiliate commissions as a powerful revenue stream
    • How to get started with online courses
    • Releasing the fear of being seen through shadow work
    • Cultivating powerful presence
    • How rebranding led to an energetic shift that made his Instagram account go viral
    • Conscious consumption and why Aaron mutes most accounts he follows
    • Encoding angel numbers into your Instagram profile
    • What showing up on social media has to do with dating
    • What does the 3D to 5D consciousness shift mean?
    • The shared experience Aaron and I had at Aniwa gathering of indigenous leaders
    • What Aaron learned from living with Maori teachers in New Zealand
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