124: Plants As Antidotes To Problems: Regenerative Business and Ibogaine – TALIA EISENBERG


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Welcome back to the expanded consciousness series.

Talia Eisenberg (@talia.eisenberg) is the co-founder of Ibogaine Research Institute, co-founder and CEO of Healer Collective and business consultant focusing on regenerative business. Talia received her MBA in Sustainable Solutions from Presidio Graduate School.

Disclaimer: We don’t promote use of legal or illegal psychoactive substances. This podcast is created for informational purposes only.

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We discuss:

  • Plants as antidotes to problems
  • Making healing accessible
  • Coming from a family of Holocaust survivors
  • Living with a sense of “not fitting in” in Omaha, Nebraska
  • How Talia opened an art gallery in NYC in her 20s
  • Becoming addicted to opioids at 21
  • How ibogaine changed the course of Talia’s life
  • Curiosity as the foundation for entrepreneurship
  • Feeling unworthy around money
  • Redefining the "starving artist" paradigm
  • What is regenerative business
  • Connecting to force fields within you
  • Digital boundaries

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