125: Lessons From Ayahuasca and Alchemizing Grief Into Presence – JASMIN JENKINS


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Jasmin Jenkins (@jasmin.jenkins) is a dear friend, founder of Fall Up and an Integrative Grief Guide on a mission to alchemize grief into presence. We discuss:
  • Jasmin’s healing journey after losing her brother to suicide and mother to cancer
  • How she got into plant medicine
  • The fear of being out of control
  • Asking for what you need
  • Exercising open communication in relationships
  • Sacred shedding of relationships that no longer serve you
  • Being in highest alignment with life
  • Finding wholeness in the midst of feeling broken
  • How to know you’re ready for plant medicine
  • The spectrum of grief
  • Alchemizing grief into the joy of presence
  • The Four Invitations of Grief framework
  • Embracing avoidance to feel as a pathway to awakening
  • How Ayahuasca impacted Jasmin’s career
  • Spirit-led investing

Disclaimer: We don’t promote use of legal or illegal psychoactive substances. This podcast is created for informational purposes only.

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