80: 5 SEO Tips To Expand Your Reach, Impact & Revenue (And Create Pathways For Synchronicity)


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SEO is a massively powerful growth hack that’s often overlooked in the age of Instagram.

Last week, I brought up SEO on @ksenia.avdulova IG stories and more people said they want to hear more than ever before. In this solo podcast episode, I share the most effective things I know about SEO.

Here’s the problem: SEO seems to be an area of expertise reserved for men and/or humans who know how to code.

In reality, SEO doesn’t have to be complicated.

Making simple SEO-related changes to the way you produce and share your content can make a HUGE difference. I taught everything myself and know you can, too (if you want to).

No shame if you want to outsource it. Even if you decide to hire someone to do it for you, it’s extremely valuable to understand how it works and approach it creatively.

In this week’s Woke & Wired episode, I share 5 SEO Tips To Expand Your Reach, Impact, and Revenue. Bonus: mastering your SEO is a way to create new pathways for synchronicity and magic to come into your life. Tune into the episode to hear the incredible synchronicity that happened in my life as a result of optimizing this Cacao Ceremony blog post.

These SEO tips and tricks apply to business owners, influencers, bloggers, artists, consultants – anyone who has a website and is ready for your work to be seen by more people in a conscious way.

Go to my SEO Tips to get all the action items from the podcast episode in one place.

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