86: ERIN BAILEY – Going Viral, Saying Hi To Strangers & Pioneering Conscious Influencer Marketing


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Erin Bailey (@erin.k.bailey) is a writer, fitness professional, and community architect on a mission to deepen our basic human connections by challenging the way we view each other.

I met Erin at Amy Jo Martin’s mastermind, #RenegadeBrandBootcamp, and was immediately moved by her presence and take on digital marketing – filled with curiosity and deep desire to truly connect.

In this episode, Erin shares what happens when your work goes viral, why she chose to work for a brand over being an influencer, and how we can use movement to create a sense of meaning and connection.

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We discuss:

  • The importance of investing in yourself and having a mentor
  • How going viral helped her find a mentor and kicked off her fitness modeling career
  • A momentum shift that’s happening on social media
  • How to use our social media platforms more consciously
  • Pioneering conscious influencer marketing (from a brand perspective)
  • How brands choose what influencers and thought leaders to work with (using beam’s example)
  • Why brands are working with micro influencers (a super empowering bit for those who with smaller social media accounts!)
  • What happens when you go viral overnight
  • How we can practice simple acts of human connection outside of social media
  • Running as a way of connecting to trust and intuition
  • Demystifying CBD products

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