87: All About Crystals with @crystalcriminals ERIC BRIEF


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I’ve been fascinated by the world of crystals ever since hiking up Mount Sinai in Egypt in 2003 and being given a local quartz geode as to remember this special experience.

Since then, I’ve casually collected and worked with crystals – until I met Eric Brief. His understanding and knowledge of crystals gave me access to a whole new world of crystals.

Together we started @crystalcriminals, have led in-person workshops, and have traveled to crystal birthplaces from upstate New York (Herkimer Diamonds) to Namibia (Brandberg Amethysts).

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How he got into healing, meditation and crystals at an early age
  • How crystals work
  • How crystals transform energy
  • The role crystals have played in his entrepreneurial journey
  • His top “wow” crystals
  • How to choose crystals
  • How to work with crystals
  • How we started @crystalcriminals
  • How to protect your home from spirits: creating a force field with black tourmaline
  • What most artists don’t get about social media
  • Top crystals for entrepreneurs
  • Top crystals for sharing your voice
  • How to approach crystal business more consciously and ethically
  • The best uses for selenite
  • Can crystals choose you?

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Connect with Eric:

About Eric Brief:

Eric is an artist and digital marketing agency owner.

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