91: It's Time To Play Full Out | 5D Consciousness Shift Is Here – LYNAN SAPERSTEIN


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Lynan of Experience Experts is a luxury marketer living the digital nomad dream. In this conversation, we dive into the Fifth Dimension Consciousness Shift and seeing business as an opportunity to be a bearer of light.

This episode is one you’ll keep wanting to come back to! It’s rich both in an inevitable sense of possibly and actionable tools.

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We discuss:

  • 5D energy shift that’s happening right now
  • The one spiritual teaching that’s had the most profound impact on her daily life and business
  • Self-awareness in business as a spiritual practice
  • Merging the mystical and the strategic
  • Her journey to becoming a successful digital marketer (aka “digital marketing goddess”)
  • How to approach your website as a virtual altar
  • Working with hotels that offer transformational experiences
  • Owning your worth and charging money for your gifts
  • Understanding the energy behind money
  • The sweet spot between surrender and strategy
  • Running a location independent business
  • Lynan’s journey with plant medicine and the role that Ayahuasca has played in her personal and business growth
  • The energetic realm of social media
  • How making crystal grids helps her run a successful digital business
  • The two keys to digital growth
  • How SEO, podcasts and social media help her digital agency get new clients 24/7

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