98: Mayan Astrology as a Key To Decoding The Matrix – Spiritual Guide MARK ELMY


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Mark Elmy is a spiritual guide based in San Marcos La Laguna – Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. Anyone who’s heard of Maya Astrology has heard at some point landed on his website, The Four Pillars. Mark has been studying the teachings of the ancient Mayan civilization since 1998. Through his online presence, he shares the powerful teachings of Maya Astrology, Spirituality and Natural Living on a mission to bring more harmony into the world.

Topics we cover:

  • Mayan sacred calendar – how is it different from astrology?
  • Mayan astrology as a tool for decoding reality and purpose
  • What Tarot and Mayan calendar have in common
  • How studying reiki led Mark to become a spiritual guide
  • Where can you find your Mayan nahual
  • What living closer to the Earth looks like for Mark
  • How he works with the energies of the land and the sky
  • Mayan calendar as an energetic forecast
  • Can one apply the Mayan sacred calendar to business?
  • How following the Mayan calendar can bring harmony to society
  • Translating ancient sacred teachings into the modern world with respect
  • The role that technology and internet has played in Mark Elmy’s work
  • Mark shares what the process of shamanic initiation was like for him
  • Why working with the Mayan elders is an important part of his path
  • How to create a digital altar
  • Why understanding is a more powerful healing tool than knowledge
  • How he uses cacao in ceremony (it’s different from the cacao ceremony you may be familiar with!)

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