Cycling in lockdown; Breast cancer; Expert online masterclasses; Shelley Klein


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Cycling is seeing a huge increase in popularity thanks to people avoiding public transport and wanting to get some exercise. In today’s Woman’s Hour Corona Diaries, Krysia Williams talks about the beauty of cycling in lockdown, and how the Bristol Bike Project – where she works – has been supporting key workers in moving around the city. Every year, 55,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer - and 18,000 of those come from screening. Since lockdown there’s been a 70% drop in GP referrals, according to data from Prevent Breast Cancer. Jenni talks to Lester Barr, consultant breast surgeon and founder and chairman of the Prevent Breast Cancer charity, about why early diagnosis is so important and what women should be doing at the moment if they’re worried. Shelley Klein grew up in the Scottish Borders in a house designed on a modernist open-plan grid; with colourful glass panels set against a forest of trees. Years later Shelley returns to look after her father, Bernat Klein, an uncompromising and ground breaking textile designer who is now in his eighties.. Shelley joins Jenni to talk about intense father daughter relationships, her deep attachment to the house and surrounding landscape and the challenges of returning home to care for an elderly relative. Reported cases of domestic violence in Russia have more than doubled during the country’s coronavirus lockdown, according to the Russian human rights commissioner, She said in a statement last week that complaints and reports made to Russian non-governmental organisations spiked from roughly 6,000 in March to more than 13,000 in April, It’s in stark contrast to what Russian police are saying. Jenni talks to the BBC Russian's women's affairs reporter Nina Nazarova.

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