Gold Digger, The Catholic Church and women priests, Chilli Tofu


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It’s well-known that the Roman Catholic Church is struggling to find new priests. Sexual abuse scandals haven’t helped. But for some years, there’s been a movement to allow women to be priests. Will we see it happen any time soon? The writer Marnie Dickens explains why she wanted to focus on the life of an older woman for her new BBC One series Gold Digger. We hear from Kay, who went to an employment tribunal to fight for equal pay. How might the right to ask an employer what a colleague earns help combat unequal pay? What do you do when your child says they're too ill to go to school – but you suspect that they’re perfectly fine? Jade Wye and Melissa Rice are the first ever winners of the Rachel Bland Podcast Award. Rachel was one of the presenters of You, Me and the Big C, a 5 Live Podcast about cancer and after she died the podcast competition was set up in her memory. Jade and Melissa's podcast is called Hooked: The Unexpected Addicts. They share their stories of addiction, rehab and recovery. Food writer Meera Sodha’s new plant-based cookbook ‘East: 120 Vegetarian and Vegan recipes from Bangalore to Beijing’ uses British ingredients to create Eastern inspired recipes. She joins Jane in the studio to Cook the Perfect…Chilli Tofu. And poet Debris Stevenson – whose semi-autobiographical grime musical, Poet in da Corner, was on at the Royal Court last year – is back with a new show ‘1st Luv’. She explains why grime was such an important genre for her. Presenter: Jenni Murray Producer: Rosie Stopher Interviewed Guest: Miriam Dunigan Interviewed Guest: Soline Humbert Interviewed guest: Marnie Dickens Interviewed guest: Kay Collins Interviewed guest: Gemma Rosenblatt Interviewed guest: Rebecca Schiller Interviewed guest: Dr Angharad Rudkin Interviewed guest: Melissa Rice Interviewed guest: Jade Wye Interviewed guest: Meera Sodha Interviewed guest: Debris Stevenson

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