'Queens Of Sheba' challenge misogynoir- where sexism meets racism


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Jane speaks to director, Jessica Kaliisa about her play, Queens of Sheba, inspired by the four black women turned away from a London nightclub in 2015 for being “too dark-skinned and overweight”. On stage next week at the Battersea Arts Club in London, actor, Tosin Alabi, joins the discussion of how the lives of a group of friends were changed forever when confronted with misogynoir - where sexism meets racism. Chile’s worst unrest in decades has transformed into a nationwide uprising demanding dramatic changes to the country’s economic and political system. We hear from Chilean journalist, Constanza Hola, about why people are taking to the streets to fight for equality. Women are taking a significant role in the social movement at all levels. We find out what their particular demands are? It’s well-known that the Roman Catholic Church is struggling to find new priests, especially in Europe and America. Sexual abuse scandals haven’t helped. But for some years, there’s been a movement to allow women to be priests. Some of the campaigners try and make themselves heard at the Vatican. Last month they staged a protest in Rome when bishops discussed the church in South America. From the 20s phrase ‘covered wagon’ to the Mumsnet acronym ‘AIBU’ (Am I Being Unreasonable?), women have always been creators and users of slang. We discuss the history of women and slang from the flappers to the Mumsnetters with lexicographer Jonathon Green and linguistics PhD student, Lotte Verheijen. Presenter: Jane Garvey Producer: Kirsty Starkey Interviewed Guest: Constanza Hola Interviewed Guest: Jessica Kaliisa Interviewed Guest: Tosin Alabi Interviewed Guest: Miriam Duignan Interviewed Guest: Soline Humbert Interviewed Guest: Jonathon Green Interviewed Guest: Lotte Verheijen Photographer: Ali Wright

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