Troupers: the founders of the Profanity Embroidery Group. Tackling debt. Midwives on the benefits of colostrum


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More from our series that celebrates the women who get things done – the Troupers. They're very bad at blowing their own trumpets so we're doing it for them. Today we hear from Annie Taylor and Wendy Robinson the founders of the Profanity Embroidery Group in Whitstable. After building up credit card debt of £25,000 Clare Seal decided she had to do something drastic to deal with it. She set up an Instagram account to make herself accountable. Posting anonymously she shared her story and offered advice and solidarity to a growing community of people. She’s now written a book with tips and advice for others in a similar situation. It’s called Real Life Money: an honest guide to taking control of your finances Plus two midwives from Kent Kent midwives - Sally Sidhu and Jan Gatehouse - who've just an award for their work on promoting colostrum tell Jane all about the benefits of so called "liquid gold" especially for premature babies. And as some children in England return to school how do you deal with a child who still needs to be shielded. Presenter Jane Garvey Producer Beverley Purcell Guest; Annie Taylor Guest; Wendy Robinson Guest; Clare Seal Guest; Sally Sidhu Guest; Jan Gatehouse

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