123: Coping With a Narcissistic Parent


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“It’s part of our culture that we’re supposed to respect our parents, and I understand that that’s important. But sometimes that relationship does not work.”

As a child, did you absorb the belief that you’re not good enough. or that you don’t have the right to be your own person?

This is a telltale sign of having a narcissistic parent and the root issue behind other thought negative processes; issues around self-perception; and even one’s own parenting styles.

In this episode, I talk with clinical psychologist Dr. Stephanie Kriesberg, PsyD, who has personal experience in growing up with a narcissistic parent as well as a passion for helping others move forward from similar experiences. In this conversation, Dr. Kriesberg discusses what it’s like to have a narcissistic mother, and some of the dynamics inherent in this experience. She also dives into how to cope; and some of the misperceptions around having a narcissistic mother.

About Dr. Stephanie Kriesberg:

Located in New England, Dr. Stephanie Kriesberg is a clinical psychologist who helps parents, children, teens, and adults with narcissistic parents lead healthier, happier lives. She treats children, teens, and adults with anxiety disorders – including social anxiety, panic disorder and phobias. She has over 20 years of experience with extensive training in the treatment of anxiety disorders and in the use of clinical hypnosis.

Some Questions I Ask:

  • How did you get drawn to your work? (3:15)
  • What does it mean for someone to be described as narcissistic? (5:11)
  • How can you determine if your parent is narcissistic? (12:17)
  • How does one cope with a narcissistic parent? (27:04)
  • Does a narcissistic parent care if they ever see their children? (34:31)
  • What do I need to look for in myself to break the cycle of narcissistic parenting? (39:40)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • What it means to have a healthy personality. (5:43)
  • What gaslighting from a narcissistic parent looks like. (17:39)
  • The pattern of inconsistent behaviors in public and behind closed doors. (21:14)
  • Tools to help you find your voice. (30:05)
  • How someone can protect themselves before, during, and after spending time with a narcissistic parent. (36:02)
  • How narcissistic parents experience no-contact from children. (41:42)

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