#1139 Music by Maggie DeLaura, Jess Perkins, Ghost Singer, Brooke Zino (writer Michael Benshish), Anita Ivette Ferrer, MC, Cindy Slee, Sorcie Elle, Reality Suite, Erica Lee Martin


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This show includes the following songs:

Maggie DeLaura - MineField FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Jess Perkins - Where The Wild Goes FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Ghost Singers - Search Your Heart FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Brooke Zino (writer Michael Benshish) - Let Me Love Again

Anita Ivette Ferrer - Hide And Seek FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY


Cindy Slee - In My Mind's Eye FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Sorcie Elle - Fever Dream FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Reality Suite - Cut, Burn, Bruise FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Erica Lee Martin - Take My Picture FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

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