#1151 Music by Dawn Rix, Gracious Me, Jenai Huff, Andrea Schmider, Judy Nazemetz, Lynda Dobbin-Turner, Melissa D Moorhouse, Linda-Jeanne, Sarah Shawcross, Songwriter Jessica Weinberg, Sarah Calvert, Red’s Blues, Dawn O'Keefe Williams


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This show includes the following songs:

Dawn Rix - One Love Fits All FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Gracious Me - Don't Become What You Claim to Hate FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Jenai Huff - Just Like Me FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Andrea Schmider - Words FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Judy Nazemetz - I Wanna Be A Minuteman FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Lynda Dobbin-Turner - When you Look at Me (Shane's song) FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Melissa D Moorhouse - Little Girl FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Linda-Jeanne - Evidence FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Sarah Shawcross - Pretty Perfect feat. Hannah Williams FOLLOW ON SOUNDCLOUD

Songwriter Jessica Weinberg - Wondering Why feat. Sandi Kight FOLLOW ON REVERNATION

Sarah Calvert - Eye Level FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Red’s Blues - A Word About Gossip FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Dawn O'Keefe Williams - Seat At The Table FOLLOW ON ITUNES

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