#1152 Music by Nancy Middleton, Bluestone Sisters, Songs by Ruth, Jill Detroit, Sarah Keyser, Izzy Gazelle, Sarah Baker, Bev Abela, Lisette, MIRI, Onism E, Astara Summers, Jacnique Nina


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This show includes the following songs:

Nancy Middleton - Let Love Take You FOLLOW ON ITUNES

Bluestone Sisters - Stand Up Proud (An Anthem For Freedom) feat. Lillias White FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Songs by Ruth - The Brave FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Jill Detroit -Speak for Those FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Sarah Keyser - Hold Us Down FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Izzy Gazelle - Sleep Tonight FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Sarah Baker - Build That Bridge FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Bev Abela - Which Wolf FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Lisette - World Gone Mad (Acoustic) FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY


Onism E - My America FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Astara Summers - For God's Sake! FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Jacnique Nina - Quiet Danger FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

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