#1163 Music by Catherine M Thompson, Jill Detroit, Stephanie Phillips, Mariama Whyte, Know1Else, Jenai Huff, Mairead, Diane Patterson, India Easley, Chris DeVito, Tally Koren, Carlene Thissen, Tokunbo, Joan Burch, Shonti Elder, Camille Barr, Kirby Heard,


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This show includes the following songs:

Catherine M Thompson - Put Down The Guns FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Jill Detroit - Keep A Watchful Heart FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Stephanie Phillips - Final Kiss Goodbye FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Mariama Whyte - In Times of Peace and War FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Know1Else - Shots Fired FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Jenai Huff - Make This Be FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Mairead - Load, Aim, Fire FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Diane Patterson - Shape of Your Sorrow FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

India Easley - Join Hands

Chris DeVito - More Than Meets The Eye FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Tally Koren - Dark Hand Light Hand FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Carlene Thissen - Roses in the Sand FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Tokunbo - Every Time The Doorbell Rings FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Joan Burch - Private Johnson FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Shonti Elder - Ashes on The Wind FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Camille Barr - Never Ending Story FOLLOW ON SOUNDCLOUD

Kirby Heard - This is Mine FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Sweet Honey In The Rock - The Women Gather FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

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