#1167 Music by Merilyn Steele, Chloe Chadwick, Christine Kammerer, Jenny Van Alstyne, Beth Gross, Melissa DuVall, Blaire, Valerie Williams, Grampas Grass, Camille Barr, Dorothy-Jane, Kirsty Heggie


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This show includes the following songs:

Merilyn Steele - Things Ain't Always (What They Seem) FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Chloe Chadwick - Devil's Game FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Christine Kammerer - Why I Cry FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Jenny Van Alstyne - Meant for More FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Beth Gross - Should FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Melissa DuVall - Break Free FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Blaire - Down the Hatch FOLLOW ON SOUNDCLOUD

Valerie Williams - Some Days I Don't Feel Like Fighting FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Grampas Grass - Woke Up In A Mood FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Camille Barr - Song Four FOLLOW ON SOUNDCLOUD

Dorothy-Jane - Rest FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Kirsty Heggie - There Must Be Things A Hot Bath Can't Cure (But I Don't Know Many)

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