#1169 Music by Psibindi & Edward Abela, Kirsten Manville, Kate Magdalena, Paige Powell, Encrypted Love, Encrypted Love, Lynn Skinner, Kyla Tilley, Sentience Machine, Shirley Jackson


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This show includes the following songs:

Psibindi & Edward Abela - Urban Horizon FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Kirsten Manville - Hard Town FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Kate Magdalena - BackStory FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Paige Powell - Those Who Need FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Encrypted Love - Appreciate FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Encrypted Love - Happy FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Lynn Skinner - Marble Dance FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Kyla Tilley - The Ant versus the Elephant FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Sentience Machine - Black Mirror FOLLOW ON SOUNDCLOUD

Shirley Jackson - Stir it Up FOLLOW ON ITUNES

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