#1177 Music by Nancy Middleton, The Love Faery, Anna Weatherup, Libbie Jo Snyder, Paragon Cause, Annette Adler, Schardonee, Holland Greco, Carrie Welling, Trickster Figures, Jorie Raine


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This show includes the following songs:

Nancy Middleton - Innocence FOLLOW ON ITUNES

The Love Faery - Love Surrounds You FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Anna Weatherup - Little Bluebird FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Libbie Jo Snyder -Shepherd's Blooze FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Paragon Cause - Lost Cause FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Annette Adler - Call Me Crazy FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Schardonee - Blue Sky Day

Holland Greco - We Could Still Get It On FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Carrie Welling - Settle Me Down FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Trickster Figures - I'm Not Gonna Take It FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Jorie Raine - Shine FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

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