EP25 - Genius (Albert Einstein)


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Hello and welcome to episode 25 of the Wonder Junkie Podcast ft the musical composers of the new tv series, Genius, Will Henshall & neuroscientist Dr. Julia Mossbridge. Genius is the new tv series presented by National Geographic with the first-ever scripted series, based on the Walter Isaacson book ‘Einstein: His Life and Universe’

The cast includes Geoffrey Rush as professor Einstein, Johnny Flynn as Albert in his youth and Emily Watson as the scientist’s second wife — and first cousin — Elsa Einstein. Over 10 episodes, the series takes einstein’s story beyond the halls of academia to explore his struggles to be a good husband and father, and a man of principle during a period of global unrest. His daringly creative mind often landed him in trouble with his loved ones and peers, but also helped him to usher in ground-breaking discoveries that reshaped modern science.

For this series, a collection of musical pieces has been created, inspired by Albert Einstein. It has been scientifically designed around the perfect formula to fuel our genius and enhance our concentration… so that is what this episode is all about as I speak to Will Henshall & neuroscientist Dr. Julia Mossbridge. Spoiler alert; Einstein would've been a Slayer fan ;)

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