EP17 - Sue Ann Pien (Mars One)


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Welcome to episode 17 of the Wonder Junkie Podcast featuring Mars One candidate Sue Ann Pien.

Sue is 1 of the 100 candidates for the Mars One Mission, she is also an accomplished actor having appeared in films such as Hellraiser Revelations, Everlasting and is also in the running to become National Geographic‘s Digital Correspondent, you can go help her on that journey by liking her video, which you can find here - http://assignmentexplorer.com/video/794

So Mars One is an organization that has proposed to land the first humans on Mars and establish a permanent human colony there by 2032. The mission is surrounded by criticism and controversy and when I had ESA astrophysicist Dr. Matt Taylor as my guest in EP01, he too had very large doubts about the mission. The primary issues the Mars One Mission faces is technology and funding but it’s made good progress on that front, having recently begun trading publicly and raising £6 million in funding.

Despite the challenges Mars One faces, in many ways, it has already succeeded even if it doesn’t complete its mission, and its done this by raising awareness and pushing scientific scrutiny on such a mission. Indeed, just by the application process alone, it's drastically changed Sue’s life which you’ll hear more about in the podcast...


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