Fast Tracking CLT Case Study – Part 1


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Timber can increase productivity up to 50%, if prefabrication is leveraged to its fullest extent. Latrobe University Student Accommodation is an exemplar example, a 3500 cubic meters of cross laminated timber (CLT) and Glulam timber, providing over 600 new beds and new student amenities, for the university’s growing Bundoora Campus. It took only 12 weeks from design, to timber landing on site. Today we’re lucky to be hearing from the project team, Danielle Savio Project Manager at Multiplex, Danielle Pacella Associate Architect at JCB and Atreyu de Lacy Associate Director Engineer at TTW. In part one of this two part series you will learn about:

  • What the project team did to fast track the construction
  • The building information model (BIM) and documentation strategy
  • Leveraging the advantages of timber and concrete to get the best outcome

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