Deep State Radio: The Trump Coup - A Week in Washington Like No Other


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In the midst of a pandemic, with almost 4000 people dying every day, when the nation should be coming together, the President of the United States once again tore it asunder. Worse, what he did was mobilize the first violent coup attempt in US history on the back of his months long seditious efforts to nullify the November election and steal the sovereign power of American voters. As it happens, he also did it on a week when the Democratic Party secured control of the US Senate, another development with seismic consequences in Washington. We discuss these events and their meaning with former Hillary Clinton and Stacey Abrams advisor Karen Finney, election law specialist Rick Hasen, former Obama health policy advisor Dr. Kavita Patel and NYU Law Professor and co-editor of "Just Security" Ryan Goodman. It's an important deep dive into the meaning behind the events of an extraordinary week. Join us.
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