Comfort in Community: How to Combat Imposter Syndrome with Darci Rosenblum and Regina Trillo, Alumnae of the Target Accelerators Program


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One of the biggest obstacles that stand in the way of modern-day women is imposter syndrome — the idea that you aren't qualified or "good enough" for your job, interests, accomplishments, etcetera. If you’ve ever had a thought along the lines of “I’m a fraud” or asked yourself “What am I doing here?” you’re not alone.“ A 2019 review of 62 studies on imposter syndrome suggested anywhere from 9 to 82 percent of people have reported a similar sentiment. Target Accelerators, the premier retail accelerator for startups, recognizes the significance of courage, confidence, and community to champion a big idea. A strong network and community is essential when combating imposter syndrome, which is why Target Accelerators connects like-minded entrepreneurs in their programs. Our guests today shared such an experience and are here to tell us all about it. Before I introduce them, we’re excited to share that Target Accelerators currently has applications open for two of their programs. Check out to learn more and to apply by November 14th! As an alumna of the Target Forward Founders cohort, Regina Trillo launched Nemi, a Chicago-based company that makes delicious and nutritious snacks from nopales in Mexican-inspired flavors. An alumna of the Target Takeoff Beauty cohort, Darci Rosenblum co-founded Stryke Club, a skincare company for men on a mission to help guys feel confident through simple and effective grooming products. These two founders know a thing or two about gaining and sustaining the confidence to disrupt a completely new industry, and I’m so excited to hear how they did it. Thank you for joining the party Regina and Darci!

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