UN Roundup - World Food Programme wins Nobel Peace Prize 2020


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13 Oct 2020 Daniel Johnson reports in on the Mid Morning Mix with Katt... 1: UN’s World Food Programme wins Nobel Peace Prize. Announced last Friday, this is a major morale boost and recognition for tireless workers in the field who risk their lives reaching people affected by natural disaster and conflict. "Because we’ve built relationships with communities over decades of presence here, with presence across all 10 states and a deep sort of relationship with the communities we serve, we’re a known entity. We have the logistics in our toolbox to be able to access areas, be they helicopters, all-terrain vehicles, canoes, barges, boats, you name it we have it; in doing so, we’re able to meet people’s needs when they’re at their worst, but we’re also able to support other organisations as well as community leaders themselves to make a difference in their communities.” - WFP’s South Sudan coordinator Matthew Hollingworth 2: On Tuesday 13 October - Documentary movie ‘’Tsunami: Facing The Global Threat’’, directed by Pascal Guerin. This online film screening is part of a UNESCO-IOC The documentary “Tsunami: Facing A Global Threat” directed by Pascal Guerin (France) and co-produced by ZED, ARTE and Curiosity Stream is a 52-minute film that follows a group of scientists as they head to Palu, Indonesia, to find out why the Palu tsunami was so deadly, before bulldozers level the ground and ahead of the monsoon season. Flyer for the event: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GOOcyFQJShaKgOBFKWGL-37bpjaucWzN/view?usp=sharing The Ciné Débat will be open to any and everyone, and take place on Facebook Live through http://Facebook.com/IocUnesco on the morning of 13 October (10 AM – 12 PM). Attendees will be able to interact with panelists via Slido.com (using event code WTAD) The event will be in English and French with interpretation. Film screening at 10:00am (08:00am UTC) : Presentation and Film online streaming. Panel discussion at 11:00am.

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