#151 Donny Pritzlaff - Rutgers Associate Head Coach, 2x NCAA Champ


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ABOUT THIS EPISODE Donny Pritzlaff is the Associate Head Coach at Rutgers. Before his coaching days, he was a New Jersey legend, winning multiple state titles before signing with the Wisconsin Badgers. There, he won two NCAA titles and a bronze medal at the 2006 World Championships. Today, he and coach Scott Goodale are building the Rutgers Scarlet Knights wrestling team into a national power. To listen to the podcast with Scott Goodale, check episode #122. SPONSOR This episode is brought to you by the Wrestling Changed My Life online store. We have podcast T-Shirts, Hoodies, Crew-necks, Stickers and more. Go to Store.WrestlingChangedMyLife.com to shop. ABOUT THE WRESTLING CHANGED MY LIFE PODCAST Hosted by Ryan Warner, the Wrestling Changed My Life Podcast features in-depth interviews with wrestlers and coaches to learn how the sport shaped and molded their lives. By stitching together stories of sacrifice, triumph, defeat and perseverance, the Podcast takes the listener deep inside the world’s oldest sport. New episodes are released every Monday and Wednesday. FOLLOW THE PODCAST WrestlingChangedMyLife.com

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