News Roundtable: Quarantine Hotels, the reality of Brexit and yet another Cummings controversy


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This week is the first of our ‘News Roundtable’ episodes, where our host Chris Wright discusses the week’s biggest issues with journalists and decision-makers. In this episode Chris is joined by Alastair Campbell, writer, strategist, and former Downing Street communications chief; Ben Page, chief executive of Ipsos MORI; and Nazir Afzal OBE, former chief crown prosecutor who has worked on some of the most high profile cases in the country.

The discussion kicks off with the controversy surrounding Dominic Cummings, where we weigh in on his role in awarding a government contract worth £500,000 to “friends”, debating whether this was pure inefficiency on their part or in fact, total dishonesty to the public. Together we address the recent enforcement of Quarantine hotels for travellers, asking if this is punishment or medical necessity and exchange views on whether the overwhelming presence of Covid-19 in the media and our daily lives, is detracting from a more serious assessment of the Brexit deal.

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