Empathy for crisis management with UX Writer Pieterjan Benoit


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I got my friend Pieterjan Benoit on the podcast to talk about our favorite subject (no points for guessing what). By taking a lot of chances, Pieterjan fell down the UX rabbit hole a few years ago and was hooked immediately.

With a background in corporate communications and PR, he has tons of wisdom to share about how to interact with people – a skill that comes in handy for UX writers.

You will hear us chat about:

  • How to use empathy – not just for UX but also for crisis management
  • The challenges involved in supporting parents of children with special needs through an app interface
  • Progressing from UX writer newbie to mentor and student project manager
  • As an extra bonus, you get to hear why Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl played on a throne in Belgium a few years ago. Because there’s a tiny bit more to life than UX :)

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