So uh... what are the Xbox Series X Launch Titles? - WDL Ep 240


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• Halo Infinite has been delayed, but the Xbox Series X is STILL set for launch this November • So... what Xbox Series X launch titles are there? And is PS5's launch lineup any better? • An Xbox Series *S* controller has been found in the wild, seemingly confirming Lockhart rumors • Digital Game Sales are at an all time high due to the pandemic • The Last of Us 2 is getting new game modes already • Control is getting a Next Gen update that is KIND OF free • Sam Fisher is BACK but only in Rainbow Six Siege • Earthworm Jim is getting a new game but you probably wont be able to play it • Japan's Mysterious Sonic statue becomes even more mysterious • Q&A ALL THIS AND MORE on THE ONLY Gaming, Entertainment and Nerd Culture Live Podcast with BEES!!!!! OH GOD THE BEES!!!!!!!

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